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Closed Circuit TV

Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored primarily for surveillance and security purposes.

Brisbane CCTV is commonly used for a variety of purposes including:-

  • Building and grounds security
  • Maintaining a perimeter security in domestic and commercial installations
  • Monitoring hazardous and high traffic areas
  • Obtaining visual records of potential criminal activity

The main method of recording signals is to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) with a built in hard drive. This is used to store the video files and can be accessed locally or remotely via PC or with a smart phone app. The main features of a NVR to be considered are the following:-

  • Frame rate – how many frames per second does the video record. To have it considered “real time”, the DVR would need to record 8 frames per second.
  • Hard drive capacity – 2TB or 3TB. The higher the number the more information you can store.
  • Remote access – does the NVR allow you to remotely access your camera system via desktop, smart phone, iPhone, iPad or tablet?

With regards to being able to view your site remotely, you will need a fixed IP address, an app account with either Google Play or iTunes and usernames and passwords for each. If you are planing on viewing it from your desktop, you will need usernames and passwords for your router.

Camera quality for your Brisbane CCTV system is very important because the higher the resolution the better your picture quality will be. The features to look for when deciding on cameras are:

  • ?MP. The higher the number of MP means more megapixels per picture for example, 2MP indicates that there are 2 million megapixels per picture. It also means that the picture quality will be very good.
  • Fixed lens or vari-focal – Fixed lens means that it has been preset by the manufacturer for a certain width and length of view. Vari-focal means that you can manually adjust the picture.
  • Outdoor or Indoor – means cameras that are suited for outdoor conditions – such as wet weather, heat, etc. Indoor cameras are suited for indoor applications only.
  • Vandal proof – There are cameras that are specially designed to be vandal proof.