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Alarm Packages

Business Alarms

Starting and running your business requires dedication, commitment, initiative and a great idea! So it would make sense that after you have had that great idea, you should protect your investment by installing business alarms.

Having a business also means the necessity of having staff, after all you can’t run the business all by yourself – you do need help! Having an alarm system allows you to have a number of staff with codes to access the alarm system within the business. This gives you, the business owner, the ability to track the movements of your staff via the codes they input into the system. It also allows you to have peace of mind, knowing that your business is being protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the rest of the business’s life.

The most common alarm system that we do install into business is a Hills Reliance panel. The panel can be expanded to:-

  • 128 security sensors
  • 99 users
  • 8 areas
  • 24 code pads
  • 4 proximity keyless entry readers

The Hills Reliance can cater for every type of business application from small to large businesses and can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Other features of the Reliance panel are:-

  • Automatic Protection – Automatic system arming and disarming ensures your business is protected even if you forget to turn it on! Now that’s smart!
  • Keyless Entry – Adding proximity readers gives you the benefit of staff control and provides keyless entry to individual areas within your business.
  • Chime Feature – A ding-dong sound can be made if someone enters a particular area for example your reception area, perfect for alerting you of visitors and customers.

The Hills Reliance security system features advanced technology to safeguard your staff, property and assets. It has extraordinary power and is simple to use. Hills Reliance is ideal for commercial applications and is expandable to meet the demands of growing businesses.

Home Alarms

The two leading electronic security brands for home alarms that J.R.W Security Services uses and recommends are the Hills Reliance and Bosch Security panels. Both panels are user friendly, reliable and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Your family and home are valuable. Protect them using the Hills Reliance Security System. We have a full range of sophisticated security sensors to detect unauthorised entry into specific areas of your home. These sensors communicate with the Hills Reliance Security System to give you peace of mind. If an intrusion attempt is detected when the system is “Armed”, a loud siren will sound to deter the intruder and draw attention to the situation. In the event of an emergency, a signal can be reported to a 24 hour alarm monitoring centre. The monitoring centre can then respond with the appropriate service such as phoning you or sending a patrol guard to investigate.

Innovative. Stylish. Easy to Operate!!!

Hills Reliance uses advanced technology to make your life easier. One simple key press as you are leaving will turn on (Arm) your security system. When you return home simply enter your PIN code on a security code pad to turn off (Disarm) your security system. Or upgrade with a small wireless key fob which allows you to Arm, Disarm, activate the sirens (panic alarm) and if connected, control your garage door. When your family is home at night, the HIlls Reliance can be Armed in the partial mode to monitor your home’s perimeter – allowing you freedom to move around inside whilst protecting you from intruders.

Each Hills Reliance code pad has three dedicated emergency buttons to allow you to alert your Alarm Monitoring Station in the event of a fire, medical or personal emergency.

The Solution Series security systems have been market leaders for over twenty years. Designed and manufactured in Australia by Bosch.

The part of the security system that you use every day is the code pad. Not only is it the way you control the security system, but it also tells you what’s happening. Flashing lights and numbers mean nothing to you when the alarm is sounding and you’re trying to figure out what the code pad is trying to tell you. In fact, more than 90% of false alarms from security systems are caused by user error. Just like an ATM, the code pad screen will prompt and guide you with words, to make sure that you’re pressing the right buttons for the setting that you want. This extremely easy to use code pad is also designed to physically fit in with any home décor. Choose the white code pad to blend with your home’s neutral tones, or the modern black version to make a statement.

Rather than having to remember a PIN number, Solution 16 plus code pads can allow you to simply present a key ring sized token or card to the face of the code pad which will turn your security system ON or OFF.

For New Homes

For new homes being built we can provide the following:-

  • 1 x Hills Reliance 8
  • 1 x Touch Nav 8 zone keypad
  • 4 x Optex PIR detectors
  • 1 x piezo screamer top hat style internal siren
  • 1 x external siren with siren cover plastic
  • 1 x 16v – 1.5 amp plug pack
  • 1 x 12v 4 amp battery back up
  • Labour and fittings as required

All for $990.00 including GST.

For Existing Homes

For existing homes we can provide the following:-

  • 1 x Hills Reliance 8
  • 1 x Touch Nav 8 zone keypad
  • 4 x Dual tech sensors with pet immunity (not suitable for cats)
  • 1 x piezo screamer top hat style internal siren
  • 1 x external siren with siren cover plastic
  • 1 x 16v – 1.5 amp plug pack
  • 1 x 12v 4 amp battery back up
  • Labour and fittings as required

All for $1,250.00 including GST.